The Jr. Cyclone Club is the official fan club for Cyclone fans 12th grade and younger.

What's new for the Jr. Cyclone Club in 2015-2016?
In Jack Trice Stadium, the northeast and northwest hillsides will now be designated solely for the Jr. Cyclone Club and their parents. In order for the hillsides to remain exclusive for Jr. Cyclone Club families, hillside season and single-game football tickets will NOT be sold to the public. Jr. Cyclone Club parents may purchase a season "parent pass" in order to sit with their Jr. Cyclone Club member on the hillsides - a limit of two (2) parent passes per household.

  • When 2015 football season ticket renewals begin on February 13 via Cyclones.com, parents may also start registering their children online at jrcycloneclub.com. The early bird membership price is $49 each. Beginning April 2, memberships increase to $59 each.
  • When parents go online at jrcycloneclub.com to register their children for 2015-2016, at the same time they may purchase up to two (2) season parent passes per household for hillside seating at $99 each.
  • The northeast and northwest hillsides do have limited seating capacity. We will sell a total of 6,000 seats between the Jr. Cyclone Club memberships and parent passes until they are sold out.
  • If parents already have reserved season or single-game reserved football tickets, they do NOT need to purchase any additional parent passes.

Club members receive an official club t-shirt, lanyard, membership card, invitations to special events & admission to over 70 sporting events at Jack Trice Stadium and Hilton Coliseum, including:

  • Football: Jr. Cyclone Club Hillsides for all home games (including the Iowa game)
  • Women's Basketball: general admission seating in lower level sections 121-123
  • Volleyball: general admission
  • Wrestling: general admission for home meets
  • Gymnastics: general admission
  • Soccer: general admission
  • Softball: general admission

Jr. Cyclone membership cards are not valid for men's basketball games. Members and their families will be given an opportunity to purchase tickets for select men's basketball games. Detailed information will be sent in the fall.

Members do not receive free admission to post-season events. For example, NCAA Tournament events would require the purchase of a youth ticket to attend.


Please contact the Iowa State Athletics Marketing Office by phone at 515-294- 3558, by email at bhandlos@iastate.edu or stop by the Jacobson Athletic Building:

  • Normal business hours: Mon.-Fri., 8 AM to 5 PM.
Jr. Cyclone Club
Iowa State Athletics
Jacobson Athletic Building
Ames, IA 50011- 1140
18921 Located on the NE corner of Jack Trice Stadium between Lot s 85E and S8, this family-friendly environment includes inflatable attractions, face painting and other activities for kids. All free! And this is also where the Jr. Cyclone Club is stationed on game day - stop on by! We open three (3) hours before kickoff at each home game and we close 30 minutes prior to kickoff.


Photographs or video/audio recordings may be taken of you or your child during Jr. Cyclone Club activities. Unless you request otherwise, your application will be considered permission for Iowa State University and the Department of Athletics to photograph, film, audio/video tape, record and/or televise your image and/or voice or the image and/or voice of your child for use in any publications or promotional materials, in any medium now known or developed in the future without any restrictions. If you object to ISU using your or your child's image or voice in this manner, please notify the Department of Athletics, in writing, at the time of your application.

As a participant in the Jr. Cyclone Club, your child may engage in activities that could cause injury, including but not limited to, playing physical games, face painting, using inflatable play toys, and interacting with college athletes or community representatives. Your application will be considered permission for your child to participate in these activities and that you agree to release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue the State of Iowa, the Board of Regents of the State of Iowa, Iowa State University, the Department of Athletics, and any of the officers, servants, agents and employees of the above-mentioned entities for any injury or liability arising out of or that occurs as a result of participation in the activities of the Jr. Cyclone Club. If you object to your child participating in any activity, please notify the Department of Athletics, in writing, at the time of your application.